Dreamy Days Child Care and Learning Center -
Mission Statement:
We firmly believe in allowing every child to explore his/her environment in order to acquire the skills needed for independence and to attain high levels of confidence.  We will attempt to instill good manners and the ability to recognize right  from wrong in everyday situations. 
Gator room-  One and early two year old children will join the Gator Room.  In this room our goal is to begin development of motor and verbal skills as well as provide a nurturing environment for your child to spend his/her day.  The daily activities will include story time, sing-a- long songs, age appropriate arts and crafts, and lots of learning fun.  Learning begins early in life and we wish to enrich your child's development as early as possible.
Monkey room-  The two and early three year old program will continue the development of motor and verbal skills.  We will also begin to introduce your child to colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet.  In addition to  academics, this group will share in a variety of art and crafts, music, social skills, story time and other activities focused on having lots of fun while learning.  Creatively we will teach each child that passes through.  In this room, potty training will be  introduced.
Tiger room-  The older two year old and  three year old program will expand on the information presented in the Monkey room.  Creative teaching methods will again be utitilized to keep your child's attention and to make it a fun experience.  Your child will be invited to participate in various group activities including but not limited to- dancing, singing, arts and craft projects, circle time and structured learning.  We do support the need for individual time, but encourage social growth throughout our program activities. If your child is not potty trained upon admission into this room, we will also work vigorously to get him/her trained.
Giraffe room- Children aged three and four will make up the Giraffe room.  This classroom will continue with the basics: alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes.  We will also introduce word association along with the alphabet.  We will also work on recognition of letters in your child's name, writing his/her name, and learning home addresses and phone numbers.  Creative and Social skills will be enhanced to help  better prepare your child for the transition to Kindergarten.  Children will have the opportunity for arts and crafts, library time, dramatic play including dress-up, and manipulative play.
Every Class will have the opportunity for Outside Play as long as the weather permits.
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