Dreamy Days Child Care and Learning Center -
Meals:  Each day we will offer Breakfast served at 9:00 am, Lunch served at 12:00 pm and an Afternoon Snack offered at 3:00 pm.  The weekly menu will be posted in the Drop Off/ Pick Up room.  No Outside food or drink is allowed in our facility unless prior permission has been given.  Water will be offered throughout the day between meals and snacks. Children who are in need of special foods or drinks must have a doctor's note outlining the special dietary needs of the child including food allergies and/or intolerances. Parents will be responsible for replacement food items.  Refreshments for special occasions such as birthday parties and holidays, with prior approval from the center director or Kitchen personnel, may be served.
Attendance:  All children must be at the facility by 9:00 am.  If your child has an appointment and will not be at the facility by this time, notice must be given the day before. A doctor's excuse is required for children arriving after 9:00 am.  If a child isn't in attendance and the parent has not given prior notice, a staff member will call to check on the child. (this is a precautionary measure)
Non-Discriminatory Policy:  We at Dreamy Days LLC do not discriminate against enrollees or employees on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, handicapped conditions, or ancestry.  In addition, a child will not be discriminated against whether the child is being breastfed.
Children's Records:  Every parent/guardian will provide our facility with current information for each child detailing emergency contacts, Master Card Information Sheet, Medical sheet including dietary restrictions, allergies, child's current doctor and dentist, and a current immunization record.  All children files will remain confidential and secure at all times.  We do not record or tape children during their everyday routine.  However, under some circumstances, we will video record a child or classroom should the need arise. Every parent will fill out an awareness form for this.  All children's records will be kept for a minimum of one year from the date of discharge from the center.
Open Door Policy:  Our facility maintains an "open door" policy allowing parents the opportunity to observe their children throughout the day, as long as it does not disrupt the class.  If you feel you need to speak with your child's teacher about concerns you may have with your child, we do ask that you do not distract the teacher from her regular duties and schedule an appointment to discuss those concerns.
Abuse and Neglect:  All children, upon entering the facility, will be checked by the Center Director or designated replacement.  If anything unusual is noted, it will be immediately brought to the attention of the parent and a reasonable explanation must be given.  If there is not a good explanation or the Facility Designee feels there are discrepancies and abuse or neglect is present, by Louisiana State Law, we will have to report the incident to the proper authorities.

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