Dreamy Days Child Care and Learning Center -
Supervision:  Children will be under direct supervision at all times including nap times.  Children shall never be left alone in any inside room or outdoors. (This is with the exception of restroom use for our older children)  Child to Teacher ratio is established by the Louisiana Department of Education- Department of Licensing.  Dreamy Days Child Care and Learning Center follows the regulations for a Type II facility.
Toddler Policy:  Supervision of toddlers during feeding will be done at all times.  Toddlers capable of holding their own bottles will be allowed only after written authorization has been obtained from the parent/guardian.  Dreamy Days LLC does not allow employees to prop bottles in order to feed children. 
Nightly Closing:  The entire center and outside playground will be checked after the last child has left to ensure that no child is left unattended in the center prior to closing.  Documentation of such inspection will include the date, time, and signature for the staff conducting the visual check.
Facility Entrances and Parking:  Our facility has a half circle drive that allows you to drive up to the road and walk a short distance to the drop-off/pick up door.  We ask that you please only use the  half circle drive for dropping off and picking up your child.  If you do need to visit our center for a longer period of time, please utilize the designated parking spaces provided.  If you are visiting our center throughout the day please go to the Drop-off/Pick-up room door. If the door is locked,  ring the doorbell.  The Center doors are locked at 9:00 am and unlocked at 2:45pm. The locking of our doors adds to the security for your child.

Illnesses:  The parent or designated person will be notified as soon as a child develops symptoms of illness.  Your child will be excluded from the other children and kept comfortable under direct supervision until the parent arrives.  All sick children should be picked within the hour of the parent being contacted.  A child cannot attend the center if he/she has run a temperature of 100 degrees by mouth in the last 24 hours.  A child with an infectious disease cannot be allowed to attend until he/she is well enough  to ensure that he/she can no longer pass the illness on to the other children.  The time limit for contagious illnesses varies.  Please contact your family doctor or center director to help you to decide when it is appropriate for your child to return to the center.  Due to Louisiana Department of Education Licensing Regulations, our teacher to child ratio is a priority.  When your child is ill or your child misses for the day, the parent is still obligated to pay for that day.
Pick-up List:  All parents/guardians are asked to provide the center with a list of names to whom your child may be released.  Should an individual arrive for pick-up and is not on the list provided by parents, then this individual will not be allowed for pick-up until parent/guardian authorizes in writing to add his/her name to the pick-up list.  Any individual that is not recognized by staff in the front room will be asked for a picture identification card before being allowed to pick-up.  Your child's safety and well-being is of our utmost responsibility.
Discipline Policy: Dreamy Days Child Care focuses strongly on dealing with children's behavior in a positive redirection.  At times children may seem uncontrollable and angry.  They are very aware of their surroundings which can cause them to act up at times.  Our policy is to deal with each child individually and focus on what is really bothering the child in an effort to resolve the problem.  This approach will be used by all of our staff members.  Although, at times the "time-in" or "time-out" method may be needed for children ages 2 and up.
Biting Policy:  If your child has been bitten by another child while at the center, you will be notified upon arrival.  Your child will be taken care of immediately.  If the teacher feels the child needs medical attention,  you will be notified at the time of the bite.  We will not release the name of the child that has bitten your child, this can cause mixed emotions between parents.  If your child repeatedly has issues with biting others, we will request a conference in order to derive some sort of solution to solve this issue.  If unable to resolve this issue, your child could be asked to leave our center  permanently for the well being of the other children.
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